Cali, Colombia

CALI is the biggest city in Colombia’s south.

Unfortunately though, in my opinion, it has none of the charm Colombia’s other major cities like Cartagena, Medellin or Bogota do.

The one thing Cali does have up its sleeve though is salsa.

Cali is the home of salsa, and if you don’t know how to dance here, you’re nuttin’.

Luckily my hostel, El Viajero, offered free dance lessons which were sorely needed as I have two very left feet.

Unfortunately I picked the worst two nights to stay in Cali – a Sunday night, followed by a religious public holiday on the Monday.

Bars, restaurants, and museums had shut up shop.

It was like a ghost town.

As a result, I opted to see the outdoor sights of Cali on my one full day there.

I started with a walk up to the Church of San Antonio, perched on top of a small hill in Cali’s historic centre.

It offered a nice view of the city.

I also went for a walk to another of Cali’s churches – the impressive La Ermita Church.

Unfortunately it too was closed.

Lastly I visited the Gato de Tejeda, a small park running adjacent to the small river Rio Cali flowing through town.

Gato de Tejeda is a statue of a large cat created by a local artist. It’s become quite popular and now features on many of Cali’s postcards.

The park behind it is also full of other cat statues created by other artists.

To be honest, I was pretty keen to move on from Cali.

It really wasn’t doing much for me.

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